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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

The commissioned antependium was dedicated this morning,  100% silk dupioni background and figures, Chinese silk for the world.
Machine appliquéd with blind and satin stitching.
The red cord couched with Invisifil thread.
Bottom trimmed with cotton fringe.
Most Dads mean the world to their kids.

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears
All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;

His hand the wonders wrought.


  1. Wow - that is wonderful Karen. I love it!

  2. It's beautiful Karen! Very nice for Father's Day! I loved that hymn as a child...

  3. It's a lovely design, Karen. The figures are beautifully done.

  4. It is just fabulous Karen! Awesome design.

  5. Oh it is fabulous Karen. You must be so proud!

  6. That is really beautiful! You should be very proud of the work of your hands.

  7. I love the design and I have to ask: were you an Explorer?