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Thursday 27 June 2013

What A Ball!

I've been having a ball getting this fun design patterned up and ready for sale.  I am very pleased with how the table mats have turned out, and they are super simple to make. They look like beach balls!
 There are only two seams to sew (the maple leaf is fused appliqué).
I cannot thank Darlene Gerber enough for her always precise and fast work in testing the pattern.  She is amazingly obliging, and works well under a short deadline!
I mentioned in a previous post that the red I used is a gorgeous print from the Quilter's Rose collection by Stof.  Stof is a Danish company and their fabric is gorgeous;  it is available at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  I will definitely be using more Stof in future:  it has a quality hand and a unique look.
These table mats finish to 16" around.
It's a nice size for a centrepiece, or even as individual mats to dress up the table.  The clear dinner plate shown here gives you an idea of size.
 The photos were taken in the backyard and naturally...I had help, this time from Maddie.
The pattern is being picked up from the printers this afternoon and the elves will have them ready for mailing by morning.  You may not get these made in time for Canada Day this year but in my world, red and white works every day, not just July 1st!
The pattern may be ordered through the checkout page of my website, or by clicking the button below: