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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gail's Beauty

Here's the first finish in from the Sackville Quilt Guild Maritime Beauty workshop and it is
This Beauty was stitched by Gail Baker who very, very carefully selected the colours for her points and quarter circles.  It took some time, but Gail meticulously matched her fabrics to the print used in the centre for a fabulous result.  Gail is planning to make a couple of placemats as well, which has her hubby wondering if this means they will actually get to use them.  I hope so...quilts are meant to be used and loved...and washed.  (That way when they wear out we get to make more!) Thanks so much for sharing the picture, Gail.  It's awesome.


  1. Oh, that is so pretty! Every Maritime Beauty you have shown us is so different, and they are all so gorgeous too.

  2. I know Gail B. and her care and wonderful color selection does not surprise me! Way to go Gail! It is beautiful!

  3. That is a beauty - I just love the colours!! Great Job Gail!

  4. Beautiful job Gail.
    Please bring it to our next workday.
    Mary in Amherst

  5. I really like the colours Gail has chosen. somehow they make me think of ice cream and sherbert, and of course summer. Great job