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Monday, 24 June 2013

"Works In Jammies"

I spent about 6 hours yesterday drawing, re-drawing, tweaking, digitizing, resizing, and labeling the templates for my latest design.  (So Joan, when you called at suppertime and I said I had to get dressed first to go see your beautiful purple quilt, it really didn't mean I had goofed off all day!)
I think I finally have things where I want them and will start the sewing today.  That beautiful red Stof makes an exquisite maple leaf.  Stof may be a Danish company but that's a perfect Canadian red!


  1. Nothing wrong with working in jammies!! Can't wait to see this new design... It's gotta be good if it has red maple leaves... :)

  2. Jammies are very comfortable.....nothing wrong with that! That is a very Canadian red indeed.