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Monday, 24 June 2013

Out Of Africa Quilts

Rhino panel by Beverley Rebelo
Amherstonians were treated to a very special event today:  a showing of African quilts.  Presented by Zimbabwe quilter Beverley Rebelo, the quilts were part of this year's Out Of Africa exhibit at the London International Quilt Festival.
I confess that my attendance was last minute;  the magic of scheduled blog posts makes it appear I have been busily stitching along, but in truth I've been away the better part of the last couple of weeks and very behind in my work.  I almost didn't go. At the last minute I decided I would regret missing the show and I'm awfully glad I went.  I even remembered to take my camera.
Beverley began with a slide show and talk and then showed us some of these wonderful quilts in person.
 Village life by Beverley Rebelo
In "Village Life" she has framed hand-embroidered panels worked by local artists with colourful patchwork.
 Balancing Act by Beverley Rebelo

This picture does not do justice to the beautiful thread painted guinea fowl Beverley stitched here.  It's hard to tell,  but it is exquisitely machine quilted with tiny feathers.  I was not surprised to hear her  say that she stitches on a Bernina. :)
This is the back of a two-sided quilt... (that's Beverley on the right)
 ...and this is the front.  Unfortunately, I did not take note of the maker's name.

 Not the Big Five by Coleen Thackery

This colourful quilt is appliqued with lizards.

Beating The Drum

Knights of Greystone Park is a quilt which needs to be seen in person;  it literally sparkles with little jewels sewn in the night sky.
Knights of Greystone Park by Beverley Rebelo

The thread work is amazing.
These are "bush babies" climbing a cactus.  Look at the quilting detail - wow!
Beverley had a group of smaller quilts stitched by a variety of individuals which she allowed to be passed around the room.
 Though the picture is out of focus, you get the idea behind this unique piece.
I left the house in such a tear that I didn't even have a business card with me, but Beverley I do hope you were able to find this post.  Thank you for a great show;  perhaps you will consider returning with more wonderful quilts on your next trip to Canada?

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  1. What interesting quilts! Thank you for sharing the pictures with glad you went along.