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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cleverly Roundabout

Way back in October 2011, Kate Seely from Ontario, Canada contacted me to ask permission to translate one of my quilt designs into a hooked mat.   This is not such an unusual venture, as our grandmothers often traced traditional squares and triangles into geometric patterns onto burlap to hook with strips of wool. Kate however was proposing to do a more modern design, one with curves and spikes:  New York Roundabout.
Here's her traced design.  I bet that was no small thing Kate, to draw those curves smoothly.  You did an awesome job.
A couple of months later, she sent us an update on her progress.
What an unexpected surprise to open my mail yesterday and find pictures of her completed rug.  Wow!  I am really taken with the way she filled in the sides, the space between the arcs.  I will remember that for a future quilt.  It gives a great shape to the finished piece.

Kate writes: "It’s going on the floor in front of the fireplace. It’s 44” from tip to tip and 25.5” across – just the right size."

Look at her label - how sweet is this?!
Take a well-deserved bow, Kate.  If you ever tire of it, I'll send you my address;  we have hardwood floors and love hand hooked mats!  Honestly though...I think you need to make the quilt to match...
Please leave a comment and a bit of applause for Kate, she has worked cleverly, creatively and very diligently on this masterpiece.


  1. Wow! That is absolutely stunning! Congratulations! Love the colours, especially the variations in the spikes. Beth

  2. Amazing interpretation of a beautiful quilt - well done Kate!! I am a novice "hooker" and am in awe over your spikes - you did a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Just wonderful Kate! A real treasure.

  4. What a clever idea! I love how Kate's colour choice looks like batik fabrics.

  5. The two together would be perfect for a quilt show. Used to be a lady in my guild who's husband would make knitted interpretations of some of her quilts. very unique.

  6. Gorgeous! She should do a matching quilt, and have them in the same room.

  7. Beautiful! I too love the spikes! Well done Kate!