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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Backyard Antics

I am forever astounded at the pile of work that never seems to get any smaller despite the many hours devoted to its eradication...I am beginning to believe that the pile grows on its own overnight...
The Mirror Ball Dot assignment is almost finished, so I took a break to bring some other deadlines closer to their mark.  Six quilts were ready to photograph (yikes!) so I set up some inside shots and then headed to the backyard to take advantage of the natural light.  Naturally...I had company.  It's hard to do anything without Polly's assistance.  She scouts the area for any distractions.

 Oh, oh...she has spotted something.
 She's giving the intruder the evil eye.

Maddie!!!  Look out - Polly is about to pounce!
Maddie is not very brave with heights - he likes his feet firmly planted on solid ground.Polly joins him for a good chase around the yard.
At this point, it began to snow so looks like we will try for those pictures another day...

1 comment:

  1. Love natural light for everything! Company is great until company becomes... unwelcomed... Snow?! It's April 9th! What a contrast to waiting for the tomato seeds to sprout! Hope all's well! Aloha, Mark