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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quilt On!

Life is full of surprises...and so is the mailbox some days!  Seeing the lid up, we reached in to discover a bag containing a couple of really fun items.  Love the bag!
And this T-shirt is perfect. note, so we put our sleuthing skills together and considered time of delivery, subject matter, etc. and came up with a likely suspect for doing such a kindly deed. Who else could it be but you, Lesley?  Thank you.  I actually allowed Jamie to call the Tshirt his, but that bag is definitely MINE.  For a less-than-ever-calm person such as myself, these are words to aspire to...


  1. Lucky girl - but, of course, deserving!! I love both the T-Shirt and the bag. May have to look for one of the T-Shirts for my hubby!!