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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Buried Treasure

This week I am readying for a series of spring workshops.  A few minutes ago, I picked up a stack of foundations from the printer and will pack those up into kits.
The carton of batting I ordered also arrived today - my favourite Legacy wool batting (it's Polly's favourite too - I can't believe she isn't buried down in this box!)
During class, I like to have lots of samples of the project at varying stages of completion to show students.  Often when I am between projects - or suffering from Quilter's Block - I take some scraps, choose a colour family,  and sew a block of a project I know I will teach at some point. Usually by the time the block is finished, I have my mojo back and am ready to tackle a new design.  The block is set aside, and  added to the next time there is a lull.   Today I was delighted to find an entire Maritime Beauty, in spring yellows and greens, waiting to be sewn together.  What a treat!
It's ready now to be basted.  I will begin the quilting, but leave a bit to finish up in class.  That way the piece will be ready to demonstrate applying the bias binding and turning the inside corners.
It's warm and springlike here today so these colours were perfect for my mood.  I am off to find a bright yellow print to use for binding.


  1. Jeez...even when your mojo's missing, you're more productive than I am. This one's really pretty.

  2. Love this one too. But love love love the purpley one in your new header.

  3. I love that color combo. so spring/summer like and this time of year on a day with snow it is much appreciated.

  4. I love it!!! Spring does bring bright colors in my prjects too ...

  5. Karen,
    I wish I lived close enough to you to take a class. These look so complex but you obviously have a handle on them. I too love the colors of this one - it would look great in my house.
    But yeah the one in your header is absolutely stunning! I love your work.

  6. I had my Maritime Beauty pattern out today. Since Quilt Retreat is next weekend, I am getting stuff ready to go, so I was checking to see how many photocopies I needed. Next step, a test run, to remember how to paper piece. :)