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Monday, 28 January 2013

The Original Black Friday

The very purple Lenten antependium is waiting for a few hand finishing stitches to be added tonight in front of the TV.  It's on now to the next piece, for Good Friday.  It's a real privilege to stitch paraments for Good Friday as often churches simply leave the space bare that day.  The actual colour in the church calendar for the day is black.  Having no black silk in my stash (and no where to find it in Amherst late on a Saturday night) I was asking around to find some dupioni, thinking the slub in that cloth would be a suitable texture.  I happened to ask the right person because even though Beth had no black silk, she did have this piece with an amazing network of lines resembling thorns....or cracks and fractures...all appropriate messages for the occasion.
Thank you, Beth.  I could not have dreamed of finding anything more perfect.