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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spectacular Beauty! all know my Oriental Beauty:

Last year Pictou County's Anne Mattie made this version:

Anne enjoyed making it so much that she decided to host a workshop for her Thistle Quilt Guild to teach the design.  To this end, Anne purchased patterns for each of the participants' own use (thank you, Anne!).  Last year at the Northumberland Quilt Show at the DeCoste Centre in Pictou, N.S. the results of the workshop were displayed.  It's cool to see so many together at once. (If you are a member of CQA, there are also pictures of the beauties from the Thistle Quilt Guild's 10th Anniversary Show in Westville on page 49 of the winter edition of The Canadian Quilter.)

Anne was asked to teach the workshop again to a neighbouring guild in Antigonish, The Nova Scotia Highland Quilt Guild (and again, Anne did the right thing and purchased patterns for all participants.)  I received these pictures of the first finishes, and was pretty much blown away by this one by Jeanine Gunn. Jeanine obviously knows a thing or two about colour - wow!
Three others are just as spectacular (notice the butterfly appliqu├ęd in the centre of the one on the far right?)  These look like bright, sunny flowers.  The beautiful creations are by (l-r) Jeanine Gunn, Elizabeth Munroe, Linda Kell, and Yvonne Lynch.
Thanks to all for sharing pictures, and a special thank you to Anne who is obviously a stellar teacher!


  1. That is a stunning beauty. Brave to use the color but wow, what a payoff...

  2. They're all beautiful! They made me think of parasols and umbrellas. Don't laugh! And now, because I'm of a practical persuasion, I wonder if it would be possible to fit one to an umbrella frame and Scotchguard it.... Wouldn't that be cool?

  3. This gives me big smiles... I have also bought the patterns. Our class will be taught by Cathy Price and I'm really looking forward to next month and our class!!!

  4. These are stunning Karen. I'd love to do some of your patterns, but alas, MUST STAY focused on the centennial quilt.

    But my goodness, with awesome designs like yours, you make it very hard to stay focused. You can expect purchases from me once I'm done the quilt.

  5. Oh wow!! aren't they all so gorgeous! They look like big flowers in a row. I love Jeanine's bright one, her fabric choice really sings.