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Saturday, 26 January 2013

One For Me, One For You...

Today's warmer weather (and by "warmer" I mean it was only -10!) brought some handsome visitors to our backyard.  
These fellows took their time strutting their stuff just outside the kitchen window.
Inside, the kitty teeth were clicking away;  I expect Polly and Maddie were thinking "great - one each!"


  1. I'm SURE that's what the kitties were thinking.. "One each!" Too funny! I think Ollie would go crazy if he saw a big plump pheasant.... he goes nuts over the chickadees...

  2. Our cats don't worry about the birds outside the window.....but one of them gets really excited on windy days when leaves, twigs and bark blows round! They are very pretty pheasants.

  3. Oooh, pheasant under glass! Or through the glass. Or maybe through the looking glass. My husband told me that yesterday we had a big saucy magpie on the back deck, sitting inches away from the glass door. Rusty was sitting inside, looking at it without more than the slightest interest! My sweet, spoiled little dummy.

  4. Those are certainly beautiful feathers friends. How cute that your kitties are so focused on them. Isn't it cute the little noises they make when they get excited!! Mine do that too when they see a bird or other animal real close to the window.

  5. Beautiful birds! I wonder what Polly and Maddie would have thought if they'd actually come nose to beak with them though. They're pretty good-sized birds!

  6. I have found that kittens are all talk, no action. They talk big, but I don't think they know what to do if they were close enough to do something. However, it sure is fun to watch them watch the birds.
    My kitten's big conquest at the moment is the hunt for the Giant Cheezie!