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Monday 14 January 2013

Peripatetic Patchwork

Log Canada returned safely home this morning.  It's been gone since last June when it left to join the "Tradition in Transition Show" at Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork in France.  Curator Sandra Reford   
kindly included programs and advertising from the show.  These will go in my book of memories for when I am an old lady.
When the exhibit in France was over, Sandra arranged to hang the show at the Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre in Oakville, Ontario for two months.  She did an amazing job.
Polly and Maddie were happy to examine the box for any contraband when it arrived.
...And of course, Polly didn't stop there.  She needed to inspect the quilt also.
I am happy to have this well-travelled quilt back home.  It feels like an old friend has returned.


  1. Your quilt may have come home with all sorts of interesting smells.....Polly is right in there with her Quilt Inspector duties!

  2. Boy, that Maddie's growin' up, isn't he? Imagine all the smells for those kitties to sniff when that quilt's been on such a tour! We have no idea how rich their lives must be.

  3. It is nice that you have such conscientious office staff.