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Friday, 25 January 2013

Purple Parament

After a couple of false starts, the Lenten antependium seems finally on track.  I've auditioned several themes and many shades of purple in getting the design to suit. (I was tempted to write that I have struggled through Lent, but wasn't sure if that would be taken to mean something darker!) It's a process to get a piece to where it says what you want it to, and not an unenjoyable one.  The brain keeps as busy as the fingers.

 Our cold snap has been conducive to sewing.  With the wind chill, this morning it is -27.  Brrrrr....


  1. Heavens......I can't begin to imagine how cold that must feel. Definitely good staying-indoors-quilting weather! That's an interesting range of purples.

  2. The high in Ottawa today is -18. Seems almost balmy!
    -12 tomorrow...we will be getting out our shorts!