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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Up In Flames

The Pentecost Antependium got off to a rocky start. My original plan for using shot silk for the flames did not work out. After I had them - as well as the dove - all stitched in place, I simply did not like how they looked. The whole thing got ditched and I started over from scratch. I cut flames from several shades of orange...and red...and yellow, and multi-coloured prints before I finally found the look that suited me.
While I wrestled with the flames, Polly wrestled with the scraps. What a team!

On another shopping expedition earlier today, I found the perfect beaded tassel to hang from the point. We are almost finished.

This beautiful green dupioni silk also found itself in my cart, so the antependium for "Ordinary Time" will be next.


  1. The silk comes in such lovely colours and the tassle is perfect. I hope Polly got that fabric wrestled into submission. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the finished piece Karen! I know it will be beautiful.Glad Polly is keeping things under control...

  3. Just so long as Polly doesn't get that tassel......*grin* the green fabric is the most delicious colour, isn't it gorgeous?

  4. It is going to be wonderful - looking forward to seeing the whole piece.

  5. Looking Good! I know it will bring out the spirituality it's "creator" ( You) brings out when she walks into a room...♥♥♥