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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Maple Leaf Fruit Smoothies

Awhile back The Maple Leaf Quilters in British Columbia hosted a workshop on my Fruit Smoothie pattern. The Maple Leaf Quilters are a team of sisters - Joan and Valerie - who share their expertise and love of quilting in workshops and retreats. You can check out their blog to see what they've been up to. Here are some pictures of the quilts from their class. This colourful one was made by Valerie.
This one is by Joan. Isn't it striking in red, black and white?
Lorraine used the same combination for hers.

The 3-D effect in Ruth 's is pretty amazing. It's really spinning. Great colour choices, Ruth!Tropical colours jazz up Liz's version.

Doris chose soft flowery prints.

Thanks to all for sharing the pictures. If you'd like to try your hand at a Fruit Smoothie, the pattern may be purchased on my website (#410).


  1. Wow - they are so different, and all so interesting!

  2. How wonderful! I better get at making mine too.

  3. What a perfect name for that adorable quilt. But, now I'm hungry and i'm going to go make myself a yoghurt smoothie.

  4. What smoothie beauties. Beautiful contacts. We can only imadine all the fun the ladies had making these. All the same but all different.

  5. What a great and unique pattern! Every one is fascinating!

  6. Karen, Can you tell me how to purchase the pattern for your Wonderful Fruit Smoothie ???
    Thank You

  7. Hi, Lois: I am unable to email you directly as your profile is set to "no reply". The pattern for Fruit Smoothie may be ordered through the checkout page of my website,
    Thanks for your interest!