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Friday, 9 March 2012

Deadlines and Commitments

"...what to leave in, what to leave out..." (Bob Seeger, Against The Wind). The past few weeks have certainly felt like running against the wind...or the clock. Work on the antependiums progresses - the first was delivered this week actually (more on that later)- and now the deadline for mailing the Farrago quilt to the O Canada exhibit in Houston is here.

I went over and over and over the checklist many times to make certain everything is there, and then sent it on its way. It needs to arrive in Houston by next Friday and even though it went 3 day delivery, my confidence was shaken last week by another parcel that went the same way...and took 5 days. Like raising kids, you send them on their way and hope for the best. With Farrago out the door, next up is the Trend Tex Challenge. This annual fundraiser for the Canadian Quilter's Association is one I have been doing for many years. It's fun to do (when there's time). This year's fabrics present a real challenge in that they are watery, pale not me. The theme is, At Home In My Garden By The Sea.

I won't show the whole quilt until the deadline passes but here's a sneak peak for Mary who is working on the same challenge with similar enthusiasm for the fabrics.
Where's the bright red or green when you need it? My sea garden needs lobsters...!


  1. Oh, I'm going to miss this show Karen. Sending good thoughts for an on-time arrival for your quilt.

  2. Anytime I've been "down east" there's been no shortage of fog. Those fabrics look like your garden's just shrouded in fog!! Lobsters included. Lovely sharp points!!!

  3. You're right, the challenge fabrics are pretty but a bit more oomph wouldn't go astray, would it? The deeper pink is - almost - lobster coloured.....

  4. : ) I thought that challenge had a huge title to it. Us prairie women all giggled and were left a little confused. 'how can you be in three places at once?' - at home? in the garden? by the sea? lol hehe. Good luck with all your due dates Karen! : )