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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fabric Finding Missions

With all the upcoming projects, fabric buying has been a necessity. I was able to take advantage of Spring Break trips to Moncton and Halifax and pop into a couple of stores. These fabrics will go into the liturgical antependiums I am stitching.
Even though the colour is a bit off in the photo, this brilliant red will be stitched with flames for Pentecost. I expect there to be a bit of gold in there as well, but I haven't located anything suitable as yet.

Light and dark purple dupioni silk is perfect for Lent; those 30 silver coins appear to be embossed with the head of a Roman emperor. What a find!

This week in Halifax, fabrics from Timeless Treasures jumped into my arms as I entered the store; it was like they knew me. (Come to Mama!) They are from the "Plume" collection and the blue-greens and gold are so appealing. Not sure as yet what I will make from these, but I know I will enjoy working with this fabric. It's gorgeous! Hmmm...and now that I see them on the screen, that gold looks as though it would work in the Pentecost antependium. Why didn't I buy more of that one?
Before I can start on sewing any of these fabrics though, the binding for the Trend Tex Challenge quilt needs to get stitched down and the final embellishments added. It's almost there.


  1. A girl after my own heart. It is such fun to search the fabric stores for just the right fabric. I love your choices.

  2. I see sailboats and waves!! If the front's as pretty as the back, it's a winner for sure!

  3. Aren't those fabrics so luscious! That's a tantalising peek at the challenge....can't wait to see the other side.

  4. Wow those fabrics are gorgeous and Halifax you say. I am impressed they must be hiding when I go out on a fabric finding misson