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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pentecost Antipendium

With the Easter antependium completed, it's time to start another. Logically, it would be green for Ordinary Time next but I am still working on that one in my head. I suspect my subconscious is in control, as I couldn't stop thinking about the gorgeous fabrics for Pentecost. I allowed myself to skip ahead. For the flames, I am using this exquisite, duplicitous dupioni silk. It is orange in one light and red in another - see the difference when I tip up the edge to catch the light? No other fabric reacts to light like silk, and it's perfect to use for the flames.
Admittedly, there isn't much new to be done with the theme: a dove dive-bombing into tongues of flame is pretty standard. I've drawn out my dove so she is gently descending tail first, with wings spread wide. The flame shape has been enlarged to become the dove's wings.

Under the flames will be a line of gold, either stitched in metallic thread or formed by couching a thick thread or trim. I have some of each to experiment with.

No doubt there are wonderful tools on the market to make this task easier, but I'm big on using what's at hand. The purple cover of my spray starch measured 3", so placing it half-way on my 60 degree line made perfect 1-1/2" scallops. I cut them from freezer paper first, then ironed the paper pattern to my fabric.

I traced the scallops with a disappearing marker and then basted along the line with gold metallic thread. Even though it would have shown up better in white thread, I have learned the hard way it is easier to have the basting stitches match the colour of the finished line. This way if there is an errant thread which pops out in the final stitching, it blends in instead of driving you nuts trying to get it out of there. I've had this roll of Clover fusible gold bias binding for many years. Was this the perfect project it's been waiting for? I think so! It went on amazingly easily, following the line of stitching with just a little prodding from a large pearl pin. Because it is polyester, I was careful to use a press cloth.

I edge-stitched with gold metallic thread (YLI) and am ready now to start on the flames.


  1. That is coming along nicely. Do you ever sleep? You seem to get so much done!

  2. Oh Karen, it's going to be gorgeous... And you are right - there is nothing like silk. I love dupioni too. Tell me about this shop "Timeless Treasures"??? I can't believe there is a Maritime shop that I don't know about! Where is it, pray tell?

  3. That's very interesting, I like seeing how design ideas are worked out. The silk will be beautiful, for sure - shot fabrics are gorgeous.

  4. That fusible bias binding is perfect! (It's new to me.) Looks great on that red.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. Progressing well. Also can't wait to see finished piece.

  6. WOW, you are a very patient person and your works looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product.