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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Workshop Shots

The (in)famous Mrs. Pugsley (aka Beth Munroe) dropped into the Saturday class and has shared some photos she took of the works in progress. For the whole cloth sampler project, the students marked one motif on the fabric and then free handed the rest. Look at that tiny micro-stippling between the points.
I had stitched several samples, each using different filler stitches and batting types so we could compare the look. This one uses two layers of my favourite wool batting.
I brought my Farrago which was a semi-finalist at Paducah this year, not to show off but so that that I could share the judge's remarks while we examined the quilting. It sparked a good discussion and I felt so pleased to be able to bring the opinion of a world-class show to our class. It encourages me to enter more shows to share the critique of the experts.
Here's Debbie from Oxford showing off her new skills.
These hands belong to Heather from Keswick Ridge, N.B.. Heather found she preferred using squares of gripper fabric on top of the quilt rather than wearing gloves.
Thanks for all the pictures, Beth. Will we also see some of the piece you are working on?


  1. I like the idea of the grippers sometimes too. I love their work. The participants in the fm class must have been so pleased with their new free motion skills. I loved the fm you did on the red totebag. Now, did you use that 100 wt thread for that. The stitching was so fine! Loved seeing it in person. Gail M.

  2. Hi, Gail: We had some very happy folks leaving the workshops. It's hard to mistake the look that says "I can't beieve I did this!" Thanks for the nice words on the red bag; I guess I didn't show it in any of these shots. It was 50 weight cotton Konfetti that I used to quilt it. The bright green sampler which used a double layer of wool batt was the only one I stitched with the 100 wt. Invisifil, all the rest were Konfetti cotton.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your Fibre Arts Festival, and looking at the pictures. I spend a great deal of time on your blog. I lilke reading about the bees too. Thanks.
    Jean in Oregon, U.S.A.

  4. I entered my first show, our local guild show, about 4-6 years ago. I was completely shocked at the critique of the judge and amazed when she didn't start it with, you suck! hahahahaha. Congrats on being a semi-finalist.