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Friday, 8 October 2010

Star Quilts

Yesterday saw the close of the 2010 Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention National Conference which took place in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from October 4-7. Conference organizers had commissioned members of the Mayflower Quilt Guild for the creation of ten small star quilts all using the same pattern and some key colours. I had shown snippets of mine on this blog as I worked on it, but the full quilt may now be shown. The piece finished at 18" square.The Star Quilt is a First Nations tradition, given to someone at a time in their life when they achieve an accomplishment. These quilts were presented to the keynote speaker as well as volunteers. It was a unique and meaningful gift and I applaud the organizers for coming up with the idea to use quilts made by Nova Scotian quilters. Mine was quilted using Invisifil thread, the first time I had used it, and I am very pleased with the results this lovely, fine thread produces. The feathery circles quilted in the corner of the stars are meant to resemble dream catchers.

Yesterday a box of beautiful Benartex fabrics in luscious spring colours arrived. These fabrics will be shown at Fall Market in Houston later this month. With luck, there may be a star or two in this box also...


  1. The star quilt is so perfectly made!! The FMQ is fabulous! WOW!

  2. Karen, that's just lovely. Well done.

  3. Oh my lovely as usual and you are so right it is wonderful to have the gifts come from Nova Scotia made by Nova Scotians.