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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New York State of Mind

While the Fibre Arts Festival was taking place in Amherst, N.S. further down the east coast, Cooperstown, N.Y. was hosting a quilt exhibit entitled A New York State of Mind. I blogged about this earlier when my quilt Tropical Farrago was juried in as a finalist. Sponsored by the New York Historical Society, the exhibition held at the Fenimore Art Museum/Farmer's Museum was made up of quilts from traditional blocks...such as the New York Beauty. The list of finalists is posted on the museum website; I appear to be the only Canadian in the group.
2010 Quilt Contest Finalists:
Madeleine Appell - Brooklyn, NY
Dianna Callahan - Morrisville, MO
Barbara Christen - Chittenango, NY
Rae Consigli - Cooperstown, NY
Judy Curry - Hartwick, NY
Lee Doyle - Saratoga Springs, NY
Heather M. Elliott - Johnson City, NY
Susan Frisbee - Greenwich, NY
Nancy Goodman - New City, NY
Donna Hastings - North Bangor, NY
Mureen L. Johnson - Cooperstown, NY
Flo Loomis - Mt. Vision, NY
Karen Neary - Amherst, Nova Scotia
Jackie O'Brien - Virginia Beach, VA
Mary O'Keefe - Endicott, NY
Betty Pillsbury - Middleburgh, NY
Rita Salo - Oneonta, NY
Barbara Shields - Richfield Springs, NY
Winona Slaughter - Gilbertsville, NY
Malke Yablonsky - Brooklyn, NY
Students of Rochester City School District - Rochester, NY
Ellen Knapp - Lowman, NY
If any readers of this blog were in attendance at the show, I'd love to have copies of any pictures you may have taken. You can email me here.

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