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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autumn in the Beeyard

Frosty nights are definitely upon us here in the Maritimes and the trees are turning glorious colours. These are sugar maples lining the road in Fenwick, just outside of Amherst. In the spring, there are several maple sugar camps located in this area.
The change of season is evident in the beeyard also. The hives, which are normally a buzz of frantic activity, are very quiet. The bees move slowly and very few are flying around. No smoker was required today as everyone was so docile.
Hubby built new hive-top feeders for each colony.
These hold sugar syrup to feed the bees through the fall until they are wrapped for the winter.

It was cold work on this chilly day and our hands were ice cubes when we finished. A stop for coffee at Tim Horton's gave us something warm to hold onto for the drive home.


  1. What beautiful photos of the trees. This year in Nebraska we have not gotten much color on the trees for some reason. Thank you for posting the photos so I can enjoy your tree color!

  2. I miss a good cool fall with all that gorgeous color of the sugar maples. Here in NC it was 79 degrees F yesterday, and it's supposed to be even warmer today. I've tried to post comments on your blog a few times, but I keep getting bounced out, giving it a try this time, hope it works!

  3. thanks for all the stories/photos about the fibre arts festival - it makes me want to visit Amherst in October. And the fall colours would be a bonus.

  4. Thank you to your bees for producing some very tasty honey. I enjoyed it on my toast.

  5. Loved the tree pictures. I was on a cruise to Nova Scotia in Sept and was too early for the tree change. We don't have that drama here in Alabama even though we do see seasonal changes.