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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Benartex Art Kit

The UPS man has just left this gorgeous box of fabrics at my door, generously supplied by Benartex Fabrics.
Remember being back in elementary school and each September we would get an amazing new box of crayons? They were so perfect looking in their box. I always admired them for the longest time just as they were before disturbing that perfect display of colour. Then I would carefully reach in and remove one, examine it thoroughly, and just as carefully replace it in its original position of honour. It felt just like that today, only with a crayon box full of glorious fabric.
Along with these 100 Fossil Fern Fat Quarters, came printed fabric New York Beauty foundations. My favourite block, my favourite method to piece the spikes - and no messy removal of paper afterwards.
Not only do I have new crayons...I have colouring book pages too. What fun!


  1. Oh Karen, you lucky duck!! I am soooo envious! What fun you're going to have!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Karen. I'm the same way. Have fun with your "crayons".

  3. What a surprise! I very well remember that new ox of crayons as a little girl. Those fabrics are so, so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you will dream up for us to see. Keep us posted. Lucy

  4. I love the fossil fern fabrics. I recently completed a reversible purse in them. I also love the new york beauty printed fabric, how clever. I'm going to have to hunt for that in the states. Have fun with the new crayons and pages!

  5. That does look like fun. Is it fabric or paper.

    Those fabrics are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm back on dry land now and I'm looking forward to start stitching my batik beauty later this week.

  6. Karen, What a treasure!! You are one lucky lady! I love fossil fern fabric. I have a question. What kind of paper foundation is it that you do not have to contend with a messy removal? Is it wome kind of wash away brand?
    It sounds like I need to find some and try it.

    Thanks for the info.
    Darlene in MO

  7. I came across this post today, and think that the pre-printed NY beauty templates are a great idea! I'm going to order some, I already did a search for them and found quite a few websites offering them. They're my absolute favorite block, and this is so much better than enlarging patterns from a book and trying to copy on stablizer sheets!

  8. Hi, Darlene: The Benartex foundations are made from lightweight cotton and remain in the quilt. They went together s-o-o-o-o easily and nothing to remove afterwards. It was great!