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Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday Sight Seeing

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I went for a drive with my friend Darlene. Guess where we went? :)
It really is eye catching to see these ironing boards repurposed into a colourful picket fence.

We explored a lot of backroads and came across this intriguing sign on a "Canada Post"(!) mailbox. As luck would have it, the creator of the want ad was present at the time so we exchanged a few pleasantries with him. Both Darlene and I thought it prudent to decline the position.

A trip home to Five Islands is always special. This is Pinnacle Island, and Pinnacle Rock to the right.

The Five Islands lighthouse in its new home.

In order... Moose, Diamond, Long, Egg and Pinnacle Islands.


  1. I love the fence too! Think I might have to seek it out this summer... :)

  2. You live so near the ocean?? I am officially jealous. (That quilt in your header is perfect for spring, BTW.)

  3. HAHAHAHA! I guess that would be a "Good" woman to a man. Has to have a boat to boot.

  4. I laughed at the want ad - here on the prairies, the version has the man asking for a woman with a tractor - send picture of tractor.

  5. Love your quilt at the top of your blog!

    What a great idea the ironing board fence is! Looks good, too!

  6. I laughed out loud at the Canada Post want ad!!!!! My sister is looking for a husband but she doesn't dig worms - dang.