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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Workshop Photos

Joan Tufts sent these photos along, the top one of some of the members, and the others of the projects we worked on Saturday.  You can see they wasted no time putting these gorgeous pieces together, which may now be used as a table topper or tree skirt.
Anna Aymar: You can see Anna also tried her fabrics out using isometric perspective principles to create the tumbling block on the left.
Christina Boudreau:
Clara Melanson:
Elise Saulnier:
Lorna Comeau: (I can picture a beautiful poinsettia in the middle of this on the table!)
Marilyn Comeau:
Margaret Melanson:

Great job to everyone! This makes 7 of the 25, so we look forward to seeing more. Thanks Joan for taking and sending the photos. 


  1. and they are all so grateful to the teacher! ♥

  2. These are beautiful ladies. The women of Clare are always so kind and capable.

  3. Beautiful one and all. Such lucky students!

  4. Wonderful work - looks like your students had a very productive weekend!

  5. They are all so beautiful! Great work, ladies!