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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Reviews Are In!

Summer magazine issues are hitting the shelves and I am thrilled to read two very positive reviews of Quilting Beauties from two very popular Canadian publications.  A thank you to editor Heather MacArthur of  Quilter's Connection for her kind words about the book.
I confess that my favourite part of  Heather's review is the little red maple leaf beside my name, signifying that I am a Canadian author. No small thing :) 
Beth Cameron of the Canadian Quilter's Association also gave the book two thumbs up in her review!

Last month was a busy one for book signings and sales but I have received more books and have lots in stock now.
You can order your signed copy of the book from my website. (Polly and Maddie's signatures are included as well *-)
I also have more pins as they've been popular, and I am happy to include one with your order.
On a side note...the summer 2015 issue of Quilter's Connection also includes an article about an inventive quilt retreat hosted by The Greater Moncton Quilt Guild. You can read all about "The Festival Of Broken Needles" in a fabulous article by Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau...(and perhaps finally find a use for that tofu you keep buying and wondering what to use it for !)
Quilter's Connection Magazine may be downloaded from their website, and is available locally at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium,


  1. I'm not surprised the reviews are both good. It's a great book full of beautiful designs. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the plug, Karen! And congrat's on your well deserved reviews!

  3. Congrats on the great reviews. No big surprise!