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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Stuffle

No one guessed from the previous post what I was working fact no one was even close!
So, here is it: The Stuffle! It's a brightly coloured, head-turning Duffle bag that you can fill with... stuff. (Blame my sons for the name suggestion, they thought "stuffle your duffle" was hilarious) With the soft sides, it's going to be great to carry quilts when I travel around.
It's pieced from a luscious summer collection of Hoffman hand-dyed Bali Watercolours. With all due modesty - it's gorgeous! :)
As with all of my designs, the construction is kept super simple and the pattern contains lots of coloured photos to guide you through the process of creating your own. The bag is constructed flat with quilting, straps and pocket added before any shaping is done. Super easy!
The Stuffle is sewn with 50 weight cotton Aurifil, and quilted with heavier weight Aurifil threads - both 12 and 28 weights.  I really love these threads as it's like adding quilting and embellishment in one step. My sewing machine loves them too; with a size 16 topstitch  needle and regular Mako 50 in the bobbin, you're all set.  These are the ends, quilted first...
...and then trimmed to size.
There are open pockets on the inside, sewn into each end.
 The Stuffle also has an inside zippered pocket.
I took it down to the Amherst Train Station for the photo shoot.

Thank you to Cheryl Coville for her very efficient checking of the instructions and also to Polly who inspected all the seams before pronouncing it fit for action.
She worked so hard she actually fell asleep in the bag :)
A print version of Stuffle pattern # 515 is available from the pattern page of my website , at your local quilt shop - including, of course, Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  You can download the pattern here.

Now...where shall I go?


  1. Love it! Who'd a thunk it! Not me. I was thinking yoga mat. I would just love to take the train to Montreal!

  2. You have one of those old-tyme train stations! Love it! We used to have them here in Ontario, but they've mostly been replaced. What a shame! Love the Stuffel. (But you already know that.)

  3. What a great looking bag! Looks like the perfect excuse for a trip to me... Love the name too. Stuffle Duffle.... love it!

  4. Well - how clever is that, I love it! The name is great too. Is your station still in use, or has it been re-purposed as so many of our older stations have?

  5. It is gorgeous! and no I would have never guessed. What a lovely bag! Perfect for your next trip on the french shore.

  6. I love that this is easy to assemble - I'm positive I could make this bag! I can hear the maniacal laughter "Stuffle your Duffle" Hahaha

  7. Love the colours Karen. This bag could make a body feel happy in spite of the day (if it was a crappy day).

  8. It’s really nice. What is the largest size spool the 50 weight Aurafil cotton comes in? On a machine embroidery site they remind us to use cotton thread for items that are going to go in the microwave.

    1. Hi, Lobstermama64: Sorry I cannot answer you directly, you are a "no reply" blogger. The Aurifil 50 weight comes in a large cone of 5900 m. You can see them here: