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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Real Jewel

I have been watching my email for a picture of a quilt I knew was going to be spectacular.  And it is! Here is Alisa Aymar's project from the Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend workshop in Clare:
Alisa put a great deal of thought into her project before class- as she always does - and decided hers would have a nautical theme.  You can see this in the motifs she fussy cut for her outer block centers. I love the contrasting blues; she chose to add the strips in those outside diamonds in the traditional log cabin fashion - all the way around the centre - instead of side to side as we had done in class. Alisa has attended several of my workshops and her work is always amazing, with colours carefully chosen and masterfully placed.  In fact, her version of Roundabout Again was one of only two student quilts chosen by the AQS editors for inclusion in the gallery section of my Quilting Beauties book (Joan Tufts made the other.)  Alisa has a second diamond top started and I look forward to seeing how she works her magic on it.  Please leave a comment below to congratulate Alisa on her beautiful quilt.
Edit:  Alisa tells me she can't take all the credit - she had help from Smokey, her 4 month old Himalayan.  I am glad she is making a quilter out of Smokey!


  1. Great job, Alisa. The colour combination is magical, and the crafting is excellent.

  2. It has a wonderful 3D effect.The centre part seems to lift up. And you have just confirmed what I've always suspected....behind every good quilter is a beautiful cat!! :)

  3. That is indeed beautiful......congratulations, Alisa!

  4. Alisa does beautiful work... but then she had a wonderful teacher!