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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter Star Mug Mat

Polly and I decided to try out the Brooklyn Revolver on an actual project. We decided on a small mug mat, in icy colours to match our winter weather. I drew out a really simple compass in EQ7 and gave it a colourful border. It measures 8" around.
If you'd like to make one, you will need:
Small amounts of 7 colours in gradations from light to dark. I used the following colours in these sections of the foundations: white (A2, B2), silver (A3,C6), grey/blue (C5,B1), light blue (C4), medium blue (C3,A1), dark blue print (C2, B Centre Circle), and dark blue solid (B3, C1).

9" square of batting

9" square of backing

30" bias binding

Quilting and sewing thread to match

Here are my fabrics laid out with a full-sized sketch of the mug mat.The white has iridescent snowflakes in the fabric which shine as the light hits.
The block is easy to foundation piece; you just follow the numbered sequence on the foundations. In the interest of brevity I have decided not to show all the foundation-piecing steps but if you need help with this part, I'd be pleased to supply it. There are 3 foundations supplied. You piece A, B and C separately. The A and B star sections are joined together first (which forms the wide point on the star) and then those foundation papers are removed. The previously-pieced outer band C also has the foundation paper removed and then it is added to the top of the star. It's a very gradual curve and not a bit scary to sew, but it is much, much easier to do if the papers are removed first. Otherwise it's difficult to get a smooth seam.
You make 4 blocks and join them in pairs as shown below. The pairs are then joined together across the centre seam to form the star.
The centre circle is appliqu├ęd. To do this, cut the circle from cardstock and trace around it on the back of the fabric. With scissors, cut approximately 1/4" outside the traced line.
Sew a line of hand stitches around the outside edge and place the cardstock template in the centre. Pull up the stitches, give a spritz of starch and iron the circle before removing the template.
Pin the circle on top of the star and blind-stitch with matching thread. I used very fine Invisifil so the thread would not show.
Layer the pieced top on the batting and backing and pin baste to hold it secure. I machine quilted pebbles in the white background, continuous loops around the outer sections and outlined the star points and centre. I also did a little feathered wreath in the centre, which you can see here from the back.
Trim the outside edges even with the patchwork.
It came out looking very much like my original sketch!
As the piece is round, it requires bias binding. I cut my strips 2" wide on a 45 degree angle. I had to join 2 strips to get the required 30" length. And yes, that is a very narrow binding once it is folded in half, but it it proportional to the size of the mat.
And that's all there is to it!
It's just the perfect size to hold my two favourite mugs.
If you would like to make your own, visit Craftsy to download the template and instructions for free. (Please email if you have problems with the download and I'd be happy to help.)
The Brooklyn Revolver works great and Polly is happy to be back at the sewing machine.


  1. Very nice indeed! LOVE the Acadia Mom mug.....

  2. There must be something wrong with me....Every time I read "Brooklyn revolver" I envision a handgun and given what you've been through lately.... :)

    Very pretty mug mat! Tell Polly, "Good job!"

  3. That is really gorgeous, I love it! You and Polly have done a good job. Can you please send me the foundations? I have in mind a bright sunny yellow.....lots of yellow n my stash, I love yellow.....

  4. So lovely! Smart gals; you and Polly!
    I would love to have the foundation patterns.