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Sunday 15 January 2012

Copyright-Or Copywriter?

At risk of sounding pedantic, yes, it does need to be said...because many folks have these homonyms confused. Often we see the word "copyWRITE used when speaking of "copyRIGHT". The word "copy" in addition to meaning to duplicate or reproduce, has a different connotation in the publishing world. Here "copy" refers to written material such as an article in a magazine. Anyone familiar with TV shows set in newsrooms will have heard the term; often a harried reporter is hurrying to meet the deadline for his assigned copy, which the editor then uses for the published article, adding pictures, headlines and captions. Ergo, someone who is hired to "write copy" is a "copywriter" and has no connection to registering intellectual property. In advertising, "copywriters" are hired to write catchy text to help sell their product. Even though these long posts I have been writing on copyright in no way, shape, or form could be described as "catchy", promoting the proper use of copyright does in fact make me a copyright copywriter. :)

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  1. Oh, that bugs me too! Like people who confuse 'slither' and 'sliver'...they will say "just a slither of cake please" when they want a thin slice....I thought snakes slithered, and their thin slice is a sliver.

  2. One of my brother's first jobs was that of "copyboy" at the local daily newspaper. He carried the "copy" from the writers to the editors, and from the editors to the typesetters. I guess they call that job "intranet" now.