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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Brooklyn Revolver

As my hubby would so eloquently opine, "this is one slick rig." Imagine a cutting mat that rotates in a perfect circle so you don't have to stand on your head, run around the table, or move your fabric to make trims. I had heard about The Brooklyn Revolver many years back, but didn't realize it was no longer available. It was reintroduced at Quilt Market this fall and it's a gem.
I watched this video on You Tube before I got it.
It is marked in 1" grids with 45° angle lines. The rubber feet hold it firm on the table and it spins lazy-susan style. To trim this rectangle into a 2" square, I make the first cut along one side...
...and then rotate the cutting mat to make the final cut. I didn't need to disturb my fabric, or try to cut backwards which I previously would have done. These now less-than-nimble fingers aren't as cooperative as they once were so this will make rotary cutting easier for me.
The Brooklyn Revolver will be great to take to class for demos, or to have beside the machine for trimming blocks. I just wish my whole cutting table would turn like this!


  1. Very cool. I like the new quilt in your header, too, Karen.

    (Hey, Karen! Testing to see if I've fixed that No-Reply Blogger thing.....)

  2. Now that is a neat thing. I just treated myself to a rotating cutting mat that is 14" square but that looks much easier to take along when you attend classes or retreats. I keep stocking up on useful tools for going places and have yet to do that. Must add that to my list for 2012. lol

  3. What a handy little gadget, must keep an eye out for this one!