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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wonderful Wonderfil Thread

Gradually, I am getting the samples stitched for the Fibre Arts Festival "Meadow Song" workshop coming up in October. I had mentioned on a previous post that I had ordered some Wonderfil thread to try out. I am liking it a great deal. My favourite so far is the Invisifil, which is a very fine thread. According to their website, the Invisifil is a "100wt Cottonized Soft Polyester Tone on tone thread". Because it is so fine, it has been wonderful for piecing silk, working blind-stitch appliqué, and in the bobbin. It is as fine as silk thread for quilting. As it isn't available in the Amherst area, I am intending to order some more in to have on hand. If anyone attending Fibre Arts Festival would like me to order some for them as well in a colour to match their project- this or any of the Wonderfil threads - please let me know by September 15. You can check out all the threads and colours on their website. You DO NOT need this thread for the workshop, but it works really well for invisible machine appliqué and does double duty as a bobbin thread when stitching with heavier weight threads on top. I've also used it for machine quilting and am pretty impressed with how it looks. It is a good alternative for invisible thread with which some machines have issues.

I spent half the day checking shipping charges through various carriers to try to find something affordable in case someone outside of the Amherst area was interested in ordering. However, like the honey and beeswax, mail order is not a practical option for this thread. (Is it just me or is $12.00 to mail a $3.00 spool of thread a little crazy?...)

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  1. I agree, the postage is crazy!! I'm curious about that thread. I might keep my eye out in my travels south this winter.