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Wednesday 22 September 2010


Missing In Action - quilt action, that is! The past few weeks have been hectic and the next few promise to be the same. Fall is such a busy time with pattern orders, magazine deadlines, quilt market, workshops, and the Fibre Arts Festival all vying for attention. Today I am designing three new blocks, a spring quilt, and trying to work up a poster for the display at Dayle's in October. The Wonderfil thread order is slated to arrive tomorrow, so I have today to finish up these chores before resuming quilting on the silk NY Beauty. The chaos in my head is reflected in my knitting, which is also all over the place. The second leg of the carnation coloured sock is ready to turn the heel...

...and the gorgeous blue/green made it this far. Too far, actually; I got carried away on the foot which would fit a Sasquatch by the time the toe is formed, so I will need to ravel a bit (at which I am not very good.) This will require quiet and concentration on my part, neither of which are in abundance here lately.

My answer to these two hold-ups was to start another sock. Normally, I'm not a big fan of Jacquard yarns, but this Lavender colourway from Kroy was irresistible. I keep imagining the smell of lavender as I knit. It's v-e-r-y soothing...


  1. Linda summed it up nicely. Yummy is definitely the word for those gorgeous colors. Lucy