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Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Name Is Earl

Anyone in this area watching for Earl pretty much had to do so on the T.V. only, as the storm only brushed by us with "tropical" rather than "hurricane" force winds. Even so, there were 250,000 folks left without power in Nova Scotia, including half of Amherst (thankfully not our area!)Frankly, the rain was a welcome relief as it broke the awful heat and humidity of last week...which had us all wilted.
On behalf of the bees, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for all the expressions of interest and good wishes sent their way during the storm. We were just out and checked and all is well.


  1. It was pretty wild here for a while yesterday. We didnt lose power but we did lose internet and phone. Sooooo glad the horrible humidity is gone too. That was a dreadful few days!!

  2. Lucky you to not have had your power cut. Glad the bees are fine too.

  3. Glad to hear things went better than expected!