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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Free Range

The past few days have been lots of fun meeting up with fellow quilters. Friday, Bev Crouse from The Quilter's Net stopped in for patterns and honey. I always enjoy chatting with Bev; her enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious. In discussing what type our honey is (i.e. buckwheat, clover, etc. based on where the bees find their nectar) I told her hubby usually says "wildflower" since it includes clover, blueberry, cranberry and a myriad of native blossoms. Bev cleverly referred to the honey as "free range" which has a nice ring, so we're adopting her phrase for use from now on. Thanks, Bev!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a spirited group of quilters from Shelburne County, Nova Scotia on their way to a quilt retreat in New Brunswick. No, their van didn't look like this yesterday, but it wouldn't surprise me to see it on their trip home! They will be heading back this way in October for the Fibre Arts Festival and attending my Wednesday workshop that week. That Wednesday class has filled, by the way, but there are still a couple of spots open for Friday if you can join us.
For local folks, the order for Wonderfil thread will go out tomorrow so this is last call to get your orders in. I've recently discovered that Invisifil rips out as nicely as it sews in...(would you call that "free range quilting", Bev ?)

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