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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Bee-ing Overheated

The past few days here have been very warm and humid, with 30+ Celsius temperatures. It was too hot Monday to go during the day to take off the last of the honey, so we went in the evening. We were greeted by an unusual site.
The hive fronts were all covered by beards of bees. Normally we might see this on one or two boxes on a hot day, but never this many.
It is warm inside the hives with all those bees, so they were keen to escape for some fresh air. It's like sitting on the front porch in the evening.
The honey supers were easily removed, without stings or other incident. I think the bees were too hot to be bothered seeing what we were up to.
On some hives, we had to brush the bees out of the way to take the top boxes off. You want to be careful not to crush any little bee bodies when moving the heavy boxes. Hubby was obliged to do all of the lifting as those boxes were beyond me.
The sky over the Amherst Point marsh towards Minudie was gorgeous for our drive home.


  1. Poor bees, I love your comment about them 'sitting out on the porch' on a hot evening. I checked a conversion chart, and 30 degrees C equals 86 degrees F. I would love it to cool off and be 86 degrees here, it would feel heavenly.