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Saturday 21 November 2009

Yuletide Jewels

The Christmas season kicked off in Amherst, N.S. last evening with the official town light up in Victoria Square. This is always a well-attended event, and the high school band provided music for a carol sing in the Baptist Church. They sounded spectacular (especially that one playing the big bass drum *-). As usual, the place was packed. As the last carol is sung, the town then heads up the street for a second light-up at Dayle's Department Store. It's breathtaking when the lights switch on in this beautiful old building, whose Christmas d├ęcor surely must rival Macy's. Today the festivities continue with the Olympic Torch passing through town and the annual Santa Claus Parade. Lots of Christmas fun!
There was even more Christmas fun in my mailbox, with the arrival of pictures of one of my designs. This is Yuletide Jewel, made by Bev Crouse of The Quilter's Net. Bev says, "it reminds me of those lovely "back in the day" Christmas ornaments. And it was delightfully easy :-)"
She has added some glittery ric-rac, topstitched around the first circle and a button in the middle.
Below is my original version. As Bev says, it is a very easy project as it is only 4 blocks. It's a nice size to hang on a door instead of a wreath.
If you'd like to make your own Yuletide Jewel, the pattern is available here:
Santa will be arriving later today - smiling and waving and laughing his trademark ho-ho-ho's from atop a float at the end of the parade. I'll be there waving back, hoping he has me on his 'nice' list this year; I sure have something nice on my list...!

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