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Friday 6 November 2009

Christmas Diamonds

The emails I've been receiving on this Diamond Chips tutorial have been terrific! Thanks so much for the great comments. I am hoping you will share your pictures of completed projects for all to see, as my good friend Lynn Bourgeois of N.S. has done. Isn't this pretty? Lynn is busy making another, so perhaps we will see it soon also. The neat thing about this gift is that it already comes gift-wrapped. You could tie a tag to the bow, or better still machine quilt a tag by stitching the recipient's name inside a rectangle right on the top diamond.


  1. What a NEAT idea :)) This is a GREAT idea for a gift for the music person in your life.!! I love the music notes on this cause it really makes it stand out !!! Very unique....Great job Lynn and I hope you post your next one too so I can see it :)) Nancy

  2. That's so pretty - looks like a cake with icing. Good enough to eat!

  3. Love what you did, Lynn - as usual!!! Take care.. Miss seeing you - Bernice