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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Small Project Tutorials

There have been a lot of emails this week from new readers unfamiliar with how to access - or search for - older blog posts. I decided to gather some past tutorials here to make things easier for all. The direct link to each post is listed below the pictures.
Christmas (On A Shoestring) Placemats

A Something From Nothing "green" tote bag:
Quick Christmas Sachet:
(this reminds me - I must check to see if Mrs. Pugsley has the scented cranberries in at her Emporium yet!). These are great to hang on doorknobs (and tie on packages):
Apron Strings:
For the person who asked yesterday if I am all ready for Christmas yet, with sewing and shopping done and house decorated...well, not quite...but hubby did take the balloons down from eldest's birthday party last week...which was in August, and the Jim Shore Santas are up in the Family Room (ok, they didn't get put away from last Christmas...) From this, I'd say we're ahead of ourselves this year...
Enjoy the tutorials! :)


  1. LOL

    Our Christmas lights are up already. Mind you - that's because the swallows built a nest above our front door and cemented the string of lights to the wall with the mud! And that has to have been at least 10 years ago.

  2. I love your small projects. The placemats reminds me that I have to make some for our guilds annual donation to Meals on Wheels. I like your design. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for making your blog even more fun (if that's possible) Its very helpful to have the tutorials together like that. I look forward to more show & tell from the previous diamond log cabin workshop. L B

  4. ...and *we're* looking forward to YOUR Show & Tell from the Maritime Beauty workshop last spring, LB! *-)

  5. Karen, love your Christmas placemats!

    For ease to find your tutorials, could you put a 'tutorials' link/click thingy on the left side along with your blog archives? Then put them all in one place and voila.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA