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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

(Quilting) Angels All Around

An angel appeared in my mailbox this morning – both literally and in spirit. I was very surprised to find a package from Joan who attended the Diamonds workshop at Fibre Festival last month. My first thought was that she was sending more selvedges to go with those she brought to class. Here’s what I found when I opened the package:
The Quilter’s Angel: The Protector of All Things Unfinished
Well, who doesn’t need one of those!? This angel will be particularly busy as there are many things unfinished around here. Not only did Joan send the pattern by Applepatch Designs, but she kitted up the material to make the project and carefully labeled each piece as to its intended placement. What a treat this is. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I made another’s design and I will so enjoy having the instructions all laid out in front of me to follow instead of making things up as I go. I am very anxious to start the project and the colours are perfect for my room. Notice also the beautiful card which features one of Joan's quilts. Thank you, Joan, for this delightful gift. If you check out Joan's blog, you can view her completed Log Cabin Diamonds from the workshop; As you will see from her posts, Joan is a very productive quilter - do you suppose she has an angel working on her behalf? Hopefully my angel can begin her protective duties while still in the package. No sewing for me today, as tonight I am speaking to the U.C.W of Trinity St. Stephens United Church and will spend today sorting and packing quilts to take.


  1. You are welcome and deserving! I felt the presence of an Angel when I took my class a the Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend and thought it fitting you have one to sew....

  2. I love the Quilters Angel! How very sweet :-)

  3. What a lovely gift...we could all use a quilting angel, I'm sure!
    Happy stitching...