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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ruby's Diamonds

I couldn't resist that title...but an even more appropriate one would be "Ruby's Gems", as Ruby from N.S. has sent along pictures of two of my projects which she has completed. Here is Ruby's version of the Diamond Chips tutorial from last week. It's lovely!
Ruby also made my design for this selvedge tote bag, which appeared in last month's issue of McCall's Quilting. Ruby's comments on the tote bag echo my own experience - so much fun to sew, and a great conversation starter. Someone always asks about the bag.
I found myself reading the selvedges on Ruby's tote to see if I had used any of those same fabrics. Can you see any familiar ones there from your stash? :)
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  1. Oh my those are gorgeous.... see how your work inspires a lot of people? I hope to make a few of those gems/diamonds.... soon I love them....

  2. Those are lovely!

    I've started to collect selvages - wonder how long it will take till I actually get around to making something from them. LOL

  3. Lovely work Ruby the bow just sets that off.V.M Kamloops,B.C.

  4. Anonymous said ..Ruby is a very talented quilter from a group I belong to, Her work is beautiful , Ther is no stopping Her when she is on a roll, We always like to see Her new projects,P.R. from Dartmouth N.S.

  5. Love the tote bag. Wish I hadn't thrown away all those selvages. Guess I'll just have to start collecting again!!

    Great idea!