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Thursday, 16 July 2009

MacAuslands Woolen Mills

We are just back from Prince Edward Island, where we re-visited MacAusland's Woolen Mills. The mill is located in Bloomfield, which is a very short drive from Summerside. Many of us in the Maritimes grew up with a MacAusland woolen blanket on our bed - a tradition which continues in our household. In fact, we received one for a wedding gift 25 years ago. When the boys were born, we purchased MacAusland "lap sized" blankets, which saw use first on their cribs and are now pressed into service as throws on the couch.
I love going to this mill, and they happily welcome visitors. The smell of the old wooden building is of particular appeal. The raw wool is heaped in a big pile just inside the door and looks as soft as feathers. I wonder how many people over the years have jumped into this pile? I know I wanted to!
The raw wool is carded and spun on big machines.
It's a treat to pick up these wooden spindles and feel the lanolin from the wool on your hands.
Some of the wool heads off to be made into extremely soft and warm blankets:
...and some is spun into yarn.
The yarn is dyed into the most glorious colours. I didn't count all the different shades available on the colour card, but there are quite a few. I chose some 2 ply sock yarn, in a purple heather shade. These socks will be for me, and I look forward to knitting them over the winter months.
From Bloomfield, it was a very short jaunt into O'Leary where we visited the Quilt Gallery of P.E.I. Adrienne's huge and gorgeously displayed shop is such a treat, as anyone who has visited surely knows; you can find just about everything there. I purchased some Christmas fabrics, and also a refill for my chaco-liner. While there I signed copies of Canadian Heritage Quilting, so if you are in the area you will be able to find signed copies in this shop.


  1. Karen;
    I am wondering how and where one registers for the October 16th workshop in Amherst?

  2. Hi, Joan: More information on the workshop may be found on the Fibre Festival web site: The workshop is being organized by the Cumberland Quilt Guild, and the registrar is Carol Chapman who may be reached at 597-8587 or
    Hope to see you there!

  3. Hi Karen
    MacAuslands Woolen Mills is near and dear to my heart as I was born and raised a short distance away and we often stopped in with my father. We have a MacAuslands wool blanket on our bed and have given them as gifts over the years. The next best thing to a quilt:-)
    Glad to hear you had fun "up west"!