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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another Maritime Beauty

Don't you love surprises? I sure do, and it was certainly a surprise to open my mail to find this picture of a gorgeous Maritime Beauty centrepiece. Carolyn has used a great many colours to good effect - I love how warm and cheery this looks! What a terrific job with all those sharp points.Stay tuned for another from Carolyn - the next maybe in Christmas prints? - who was part of the class in Keswick Ridge back in April. Thanks so much for sharing this, Carolyn.
C'mon Lucy and Christine, and all you others from that day- we're still waiting to see yours!


  1. Beautiful indeed! I have all the arcs done but not the edge stay stitching. I promise to send a pic when completed but I am afraid I work @ a snail's pace. LB

  2. Very nice. I think these are batiks. I've decided I'm going to start working on a Beauty made out of batiks. Nice Carolyn.