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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Workshop Info

I have been spending my sewing time lately focused on the details for the workshop in October. Even though the project that day involves log cabin diamonds, the workshop will also feature a trunk show of various other things you can do with diamonds, starting with a simple one patch design and progressing through more complicated isometric perspective pieces. The teacher in me loves this part of the planning.
Yardage information has been posted on my website - click on "workshops" to find this. There will be more detailed information heading out to participants near the end of August but for now, this should be enough to help at the fabric shop if you see a good sale. At Dayle's, I selected some blue and cream pieces from Fabric Freedom to play around with the design. It's fun to lay the blocks out in several configurations to see how different each looks:

I finally settled on this arrangement, and added an outer border as well.
Hard to believe that with a little twist and a tweaking of colour, the same shape can also get you this:
If you are interested in joining this fun workshop which is being organized by the Cumberland Quilt Guild, there are still a couple of spots left in the Wednesday, October 14th one. You are welcome to email me or Carol Chapman for more information.

1 comment:

  1. Karen, may I copy some of your photos on my blog with directions to your blog?
    I am so excited my sister and I are in.. our reservations have all been made..
    What a gorgeous project!
    So much will be learnt!