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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Oooooh - cupcakes!

(Or as Cookie Monster says, "Cuppie Cakes"!
I spotted this adorable pattern on Grandma CoCo's site.  Grandma CoCo intended them as egg cosies, but I am seeing these stuffed with a little fibrefill for a killer item at a tea party.  You can download the pattern here! 


  1. Thanks, Karen! They'll definitely be less fattening that way.

  2. Too cute!!! And she's right- calorie free!!

  3. Aren't they great. I bought the pattern right away. this is one treat where it will be ok to have more than one

  4. I said exactly the same thing, Karen. I don't own egg cups, but i do have some fiberfill!

  5. Sweet!. I might have to buy some egg cups, just to use these on them.