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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Close Encounters of The Bee Kind

After a rain-filled week, the sunshine was a welcome sight this weekend.  We checked on the bees.  In the first field, all looked very good.  The hives are full of bees and the worker bees were returning to the hives with the little pollen packs on their legs crammed full of bright yellow goodness.
 In the second field, the bees were equally happy.
This is an earlier field, and the blossoms are just about finished.  These bees will be moved back to home base shortly.
The third field held a box of surprises;  the last one we opened seemed to have about half as many bees as the others.  That comment had barely left hubby's lips when a man from a neighbouring property called over to ask if we were missing any bees;  if so, he knew where they were...
 In his pine tree :)
They weren't terribly high up so it was a fairly easy task for hubby to reach the branch and shake the bees into a hastily set-up box.

He found the new queen right away, so we are hoping she persuades her loyal subjects to make their new home in this box.  We will find out for sure later tonight when we go back to check.  Do you think they will still be there?

Edit:  8 pm  We got them!  They are now safely back at home base.


  1. I'm betting they will. It's the perfect solution for them. They were looking for a new home, and you provided it. Great timing!

  2. I bet some of these little guys are buzzing "We're home again, hme again. I'm so happy"