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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Bounty of The County

I didn't coin the phrase in the title, but I sure like it. The bounty of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, is of course blueberries. I was excited to get an invitation to go pick berries in the field where the bees had pollinated earlier this season. The mechanical harvester had already scooped the field but it always leaves lots for handpicking. Growing up in Five Islands, I spent summers on Lynn Mountain scooping blueberries; it was the only work available for area kids. I remember those days fondly, although I also remember it was hard, hot work. A cool breeze and pleasant company today made this a very enjoyable experience, but nothing to compare with the taste of these berries! Thank you Winston and Joan for your generosity.


  1. Very nice. I hope you're going to have a blue berry pie. Did your worker bees polinate this bb field?