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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dark Beauties

Gail over at Quilt, Knit, Run, Sew is working on my Maritime Beauty pattern in gorgeous batiks. She has chosen a black background for under the spikes and I dug out the above picture as a bit of inspiration. While looking through the picture files, I found several other "Beauties" pieced on dark backgrounds and decided I would post a few of these also. This one is done mostly on purples and uses a variety of New York Beauty blocks.
Here's a section of one using the same block as in Maritime Beauty. "Calliope" made use of lots of scraps; the only thing kept constant was the same background colour carried through each spike section:
Here's the whole quilt; you can see where that black block fits at the bottom right. "Calliope" was a lot of fun to make and is equally fun to display. If you have the Maritime Beauty pattern, you can easily turn it into one like this.
Today is a snowstorm here in Cumberland County, N.S. and all schools are closed. I am working away on the project from my previous post. The 136, 1-1/2" HST's are pieced and in the process of being joined into rows. I used the same method for making these HST's as in the Meadow Song quilt so they stitched up quickly. With luck (and no interruptions!) I should be ready to start adding the border tomorrow.
Skip over to Gail's blog and check out her progress. Make sure you tell her that Karen sent you :)


  1. Many thanks for posting these. They are definitely inspirational.

  2. I can't wait to start another Beauty. Your Calliope is such a delight! Now on to see what Gail has been doing. Lucy