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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Christmas String Progress

This past snowy weekend was incredibly productive for sewing, and I am so pleased with the progress made in my Christmas scraps box. My 40 blocks are all sewn, trimmed, papers removed, and edge-stitched.  Whew!

As mentioned in the previous post, I dug out a box of scraps to make string blocks during our weekend snow storm.  I had 6 made which were samples from a workshop I taught (back in the day when such things were possible), and most of the foundation papers and strips were cut, so it was all straight sewing.

The papers were removed while watching a movie;  I take a large recycling bag and work inside it as I rip so that the mess is contained.  Since the blocks had no seam intersections, the papers tore right off.  

Polly was a big help holding the finished blocks.

As soon as the papers were removed, I ran with the blocks to the machine to do the edge-stitching.  This step is SO important with string blocks, as the ends of the seams can open while removing the paper, and with handling.  Stitching 1/8" from all edges within the seam allowance with a short stitch length holds everything in place.  

A bonus when sewing multi-coloured scraps is being able to use up the thread on near-empty bobbins. I emptied 6 on the weekend!! 
Here are the blocks laid out on a queen sized bed. At the moment, the quilt top measures 52" x 57-1/2".  Originally, I had thought to make this couch-sized, but it's really not much of a stretch from here to keep going and finish it a usable bed size.  To do this will either involve borders or sashing, and I am rather leaning towards the latter.  My plan is to take some time to sketch it out on the computer in EQ8 and see my options.

So, this one will get set aside for a little bit while I do that.  In meantime, I am thread-painting a tree, and getting ready for February's Colour Builder block.  The threads are already on the way and I can't wait for them to arrive.  There was also notice of a shipment of fabric coming from Island Batik, which will be used in a magazine project. Lots to keep me distracted this week.  The weatherman is predicting some snowy weather for next weekend, so perhaps the string quilt will get hauled out again...


  1. I find string quilts so satisfying and versatile. Nice to get all your strips sewn up and useful. You've got a headstart on your Christmas sewing for this year. I made a Christmas string quilt too. Would have loved to have had enough of the fabrics I was using to make it larger but oh well, that's how it goes with leftovers!

  2. I like string quilts good use of leftover fabric, so beautiful!

  3. It will be Christmas before we know it, you'd better get cracking with those blocks! lol

  4. It looks great. February is an excellent time to do Christmas sewing. No pressure!

  5. Great blocks and a great way to use up those bobbin threads!